Kyou Kara Maou!

Yelshi (イェルシ Ierushi) is Saralegui's twin brother and the Emperor of Seisakoku. He has a mother complex and holds the title of High Priest of Seisakoku.


Yelshi's face covered in robes.

Being twins, Yelshi and Saralegui's appearance is almost identical; the only difference between them is that Yelshi has short hair instead of long. He also seems to be a little shorter than his brother. In order to prevent people from realizing Small Shimaron and Seisakoku's rulers have blood ties, Yelshi uses robes to hide his face when coming to Big Shimaron's tournament. His position as High Priest of Seisakoku also serves to keep his mysterious persona safe.


Unlike Saralegui, Yelshi's personality is passive and submissive to his brother's orders. He is very kind and loves Saralegui a lot, even doing everything he asks like bringing the forbidden box Inferno on the Tundra from Seisakoku to Big Shimaron. Yelshi is afraid of the powers of the box and doesn't want it to be activated (Inferno on the Tundra has the power to awaken the dead, and he knows Saralegui was born dead and is a 'zombie', only kept alive by the box's powers).

Acording to Saralegui, Yelshi has the ability to command the dead, a power he inherited from their mother.[1] This is because the old King of Seisakoku also had the same ability and it passes from generation to generation.


Yelshi was born to Alazon, the former Empress of Seisakoku, and Gilbert, the former King of Small Shimaron. He has a twin brother named Saralegui, but because he was stillborn, their mother used the forbidden box Inferno on the Tundra to bring him back to life.