Kyou Kara Maou!

Waltrana von Bielefelt (フォンビーレフェルト) is one of the Ten Aristocrats of Shin Makoku and the current head of the Bielefelt family. He is also Wolfram's paternal uncle.


Initially, he was quite cold as he wasn't confident that Yuuri could be the rightful king to their kingdom as he deemed Yuuri not worthy. As the story progresses, he has been keeping an eye on what Yuuri has been doing and finally with the ten aristocrats came to a decision. He gradually accepted Yuuri and acknowledged him as king.


  • As stated in one of the Drama CDs, he's more interested in marrying a man instead of a woman.[1]
  • He has said Gwendal and Conrad are not at his level when Wolfram offered them as possible candidates for a groom.[1]
  • Waltrana has accepted Yuuri as his nephew's spouse.[1]