Kyou Kara Maou!

Wolfram goes to the Bielefeld castle to rescue Yuuri.

Yuuri is back from the "training" with Shiroe (last cd). He then says that if his uncle hurt Yuuri he's going to make him pay.

Waltorana appears and is shocked that Wolfram is there. Waltorana then explains that he was only trying to turn Yuuri into a good bride for him. Wolfram is moved by Waltorana's words. Among all of this Yuuri tells Wolfram that he can never grow chest hair or he will not let him become his bride. Wolfram says it's okay, and he won't grow any chest hair.

They end up talking about Waltorana getting married and since he had never had a bride, Yuuri tells Wolf that maybe he plays "for the other team" Wolfram offers to set him up first with Gwendal, then with Conrad. Waltorana says he doesn't want either of them.