Kyou Kara Maou!

Stuffel von Spitzweg (フォンシュピッツヴェーグ卿シュトッフェル) is the former regent of Shin Makoku and the older brother of Cäcilie von Spitzweg. Cäcilie was the previous Maou of Shin Makoku, but she gave up her authority to Stuffel because she believed she was not fit for politics.


Stuffel is power-hungry, attempting to take Yuuri's position as Maou several times. However, he has shown a softer side, but this is usually when he is manipulating someone.


When Stuffel's sister, Celi, was named Mazoku Queen, she appointed Stuffel as her regent. Soon, she would leave her throne on pursuit of free love. Stuffel used his new found power to ensue war with the humans, causing numerous casualties, one of which was Adalbert's fiance, Julia.


Season 1

In a foolish attempt at gaining favor with Yuuri, Stuffel had him kidnapped so that he could preach his ideals. However, Gwendal prepares for a civil war. Stuffel gains all the men at his disposal and they set out, but are stopped by an escaped Yuuri, who becomes the Maou. Günter arrest Stuffel, sentencing him to stay in his castle for a period of time.

Celi later returns, pronouncing that she will "re-marry" Stuffel's assistant, Raven. Meanwhile, Stuffel is busy preparing a celebration of his own. As Celi and Raven speak, Raven promises that he'll always be by Stuffel's side so that he'll never get lonely.