Kyou Kara Maou!

Shibuya Shouri (渋谷 勝利, Shibuya Shōri) is Yuuri's older brother who goes to Hitotsubashi University. He's very protective of Yuuri. He is Bob's successor to be the Maou of Earth.


Young Shuori and Yuuri with Bob.

Shouri was born on November 22 in Arkansas, United States, as the older son of Shouma and Shibuya Miko. When he was younger, he met Bob who rescued Yuuri and him from some bullies. While initially despising his parents for having an argument, he also resented the fact that Yuuri will have to go to Shin Makoku eventually.

Bob explained to him that that would happen in the future, and so Shouri was contented being with Yuuri for the time being. Shouri wanted Yuuri to call him "Onii-chan" but Yuuri refused to and became more independent when he went to elementary school. Shouri communicates regularly with Bob, who, he complains, emphasizes his age more than anything else.

Differences in the anime

He did not welcome having Wolfram and the others in his house. He seems especially distasteful to Conrad, and makes a point of demanding that Conrad returns his clothes to him properly cleaned. Later, he and Conrad form an understanding based on their mutual desire to protect Yuuri.

In the anime, once Shouri ends up in the other world, he becomes suspicious of Shinou, Murata, and the four forbidden boxes. Shouri eventually goes to Shin Makoku where he learns to use the powerful magic he possesses. Wolfram (possessed by Shinou) gave Shouri a pact to the elements, somewhat like how Odine gave a pact to Yuuri to gain control of his magic. Shouri's magic is similar to Yuuri's, the control of water, but initially Shouri's magic takes the form of a giant hand. He is, however, seen to be able to shape his magic into water dragons after some training with Ulrike, who comments that Shouri is extraordinary because he learned to control his magic slightly in such a short span of time.


  • He likes to play dating simulators.
  • Murata says he has a "brother-complex".
  • He calls Murata by the name of "friend of my brother"; the same way Murata calls him "brother of my friend".
  • He has a palm PC he calls Betsujin 27-go (after Tetsujin 28-go).
  • In the anime, Shouri feels sympathy for Jeneus and he was the only one who always believed that he had a soul of his own.
  • In one of the CD dramas, Shouri describes Wolfram as a "beauty".