Kyou Kara Maou!

Raven (ラーブン Rabun) is the childhood friend of Cäcilie von Spitzweg and Stuffel von Spitzweg.


Young Raven.

When Raven was young, he was introduced to Celi and Stuffel von Spitzweg. Raven and Celi used to play in the underground caverns below the Shin Makoku. At one point, Celi locked him in there, asking for him to always be with her.

After Celi became queen, Raven would brush her hair for her, seeing that he does it so well. Celi asked him to stay with Stuffel after she left, so that he would never be lonely.


Season 1

Raven is the one who orchestrated Shibuya Yuuri's kidnapping and later how to set up for war against Gwendal. However, their plans are halted when the Maou surfaces and Günter von Christ arrests Stuffel von Spitzweg.

Later, Cäcilie von Spitzweg returns and she says that she wants to marry Raven. During a town celebration, Celi falls into a sand bear's burrow and he jumps in to save her. They remember the past as they wander through the crystalline cave, and Raven renews his promise that he will always be by Stuffel's side.

Season 3

Raven and Stuffel.

In Season 3, he was seen with Lady Cäcilie von Spitzweg in the garden while Shibuya Yuuri and the other Noble Families gathered at the Round Table to discuss about Yuuri's actions at Small Shimaron. When Stuffel had to search for the others in the game Hiding-Shinou, he asked for Raven's help to tell of their whereabouts, which Raven refuses since it's cheating. When all the Noble Families were asked to take care of their domain as Jeneus infiltrated Shin Makoku, Raven was seen with Stuffel riding horses with their army behind them while patrolling Stuffel's domain.