Kyou Kara Maou!

Mrs. Gurrier (ヨザック夫人) is the late mother of Josak Gurrier.


In the anime, Mrs. Gurrier had a strong resemblance to her son, Josak. She also had long brown hair and purple eyes.


Mrs. Gurrier was a prostitute who had a son, Josak, with a traveling Mazoku. She abandoned her son at a young age and Josak was taken in by a local church.

Differences in the anime

Young Yosak in his mother's grave.

In the anime, Mrs. Gurrier was a human woman native of Big Shimaron. At some point, she started a relationship with a travelling Mazoku who died young of a illness and with whom he had a son, Josak. Later on, mother and son were sent to a place on the country where they isolate women who have relationships with Mazoku, along with her children. The conditions were very poor and the food was scarce. One day, Mrs. Gurrier died and Josak was left alone.[1]

While visiting his mother's grave, Conrad and his father, Dunheely Weller, found Josak and took him with them. Ever since then, he and Conrad became good friends.


  • Her partner died young of a illness.