Morgif (ウィレム・デュソイエ・イーライ・ド・モルギフ, full name: Willem Dussollier Eli Do Morgif) is a Demon Sword who belongs to the Maou. The last Maou to use Morgif was von Rochefort Basilio. After that it's whereabouts were unknown for about 1000 years.


Morgif novel

Morgif in KondoMa.

It is described as not having any shiny gold parts, in the novels, not seeming to be made out of any sort of special metal, and not having any decoration besides the jewel on his forehead. Artwork further reveals wave-like protrusions around his face. Upon removing Morgif from the hot spring, he soon lost his shine and hardness and fell silent.

Yuuri is the only one capable of handling Morgif. Anyone else who touches Morgif is shocked with electricity even if he is wrapped in cloth and the person does not directly touch the blade. This energy seems to travel through Yuuri's body as well. In the Van da Via arena, Conrad's hands were burned simply by putting his hands around Yuuri's as Yuuri held Morgif. Earlier, a human man who had his hand on Yuuri's leg was also shocked the moment that Yuuri grabbed Morgif. Cäcilie von Spitzweg was not shocked when she attempted to touch Morgif, possibly due to being the previous Maou, but Morgif did bite her.

Yuuri remarks in Kondo MA that Morgif's grip feels as if it was made for his hands and it is later mentioned in Ten MA that Morgif changes based upon his owner.

Engravement Edit

There is engravement behind morgif which when recited will either activate or deactivate the sword.

「我が名を呼べ、さすれば限界を超えよう。我が名はウィレム・デュソイエ・イーライ・ド・モルギフ。 もし額石を喪失し我が身が凡剣と成り果てども、魔王の忠実な下僕であり、戦場で共に討ち果てん」
"Call my name. If you do, I will go beyond my abilities. My name is Willem Dussolier Eli Do Morgif. If I should lose the stone on my forehead and am reduced to an ordinary sword, I will be a faithful servant to the Maou and together we will not fall in battle."

Acquiring the swordEdit

Morgif was lost for many years but there were rumors that he was near Van da Via island so Yuuri, Conrad, Wolfram, and Josak went to search for it and found it in a spring on the island. When they got there, Josak suffered burns from just from touching the water. However to Yuuri it felt like warm bath water. Yuuri tried to grab the sword, but it bit him. Yuuri left, scared of the sword, but soon returned to claim it .

In order for Morgif to reach his full powers, he must eat a human soul. Without the gem on his forehead he becomes just a normal sword and no longer needs human souls.

In the animeEdit

Murata Ken is surprised by Morgif's looks as he states that Morgif looked very different when he was younger. Morgif's younger version is revealed in episode 68 for a flash of a second when the Original King holds him up, highly contradicting what Yuuri thought it looked like.

Young Morgif