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The Kyou Kara Maou series centers around a high school student named Shibuya Yuuri who is suddenly transported to another world and is told his is the king of demons.
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Wolf Wolfram von Bielefelt

Wolfram is the third son of Cäcilie von Spitzweg, Conrad and Gwendal's younger brother, and Yuuri's fiance. At times he can be very hot tempered which has earned him the nickname Wagamama-Pu in the castle but he is a very kind and caring young man.

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Sora kakeru ken

Sora kakeru ken

Sora Kakeru Ken sung by Wolfram and Conrad

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Shin Makoku News

May 2015

April 29-May 17 Maou Musical 2 - Ticket info:

April 2015

24th Chapter 109 released.

March 2015

24th Chapter 108 released.

February 2015

24th Chapter 107 released.

Main article: Shin Makoku News
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