Kyou Kara Maou!

Jeneus (ジェネウス) is a character who exists only in the third season of the Kyou Kara Maou anime. He's a powerful Houjutsu master.


In appearance, he is nearly identical to the Daikenja, with the exception of his eye colour, some purple markings below his eyes and on his forehead and a slightly different hairstyle.


He's a clone of a man named Jeneus who was a reincarnation of the Daikenja two thousand years ago. Jeneus sealed a piece of his soul inside a crystal in order to continue his relentless search to aide and find Shinou even after his death. Alazon used the crystal containing the fragment of his memory to clone him to help her search for the holy sword, and since he needed her Houryoku in order to survive, he followed her orders. However, his true wish was to return to Shin Makoku and speak to Shinou one last time.

Murata and Shinou fight against Jeneus getting his wish, as they don't believe he is anything more than a nuisance clone bringing up painful memories. The only person to ever vouch for Jeneus having a soul and a being an individual was Shibuya Shouri. In the end, Jeneus's soul merges with Murata's, becoming one once again.

Differences from the novels

In the novels, Jeneus did not exist and the Daikenja went to Earth with two of the Four Boxes so there were no reincarnations of him in the other world.


  • Shouri was the only one who always believed that Jeneus had a soul of his own and felt sympathy for him.