Kyou Kara Maou!

Gwendal weakened by Houseki.

Houjutsu (法術) is the magic that humans use to fight Majutsu (demon magic).


"Hou" (法) means "law, principle, method" (like the principles followed by a religion). "Jutsu" (術) means "skill, craft or magic". The translation for houjutsu would be literally "religious magic". Ryoku (力) means ability, so houryoku means "religious strength" (the power to use such magic).


Houjutsu can be learned by humans, so their power depends on how much they study the art. Humans can also use Houseki (法石) or "religious stones", which weaken the Mazoku.

Religious power (Houryoku) can be acquired, but not demon power (Maryoku). Maryoku is the magical ability that the Mazoku have and it is a trait of the soul. It cannot be learned, so how strong or weak your demon powers are depend on your soul and you can't improve your skills (though some of the powers might be hidden).