Hildyard is a human country on a continent to the East of Shin Makoku. It takes 3 days by boat from a port in Voltaire to reach.


Schildkraut(シルドクラウト) located at the southern tip of the country. It is a trading city where boats from all around the world gather.(今度マ40) It is a neutral commercial city so there are many mazoku and business people in the city.

Misshinai (ミッシナイ) In the north. Hyscliff is from here. (今度マ49)

Hildyard pleasure district (ヒルドヤードの歓楽郷) Slightly inland from Schildkraut. It is a popular tourist attraction with onsen that is famous for it's healing abilities. Once every ten years they host an event called The rare animal race.(あしたマ160)

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