Character Details
Nationality Shin Makoku
Zorashia (formerly)
Race Human
Age Around 10
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Izura (mother) †
Shibuya Yuuri (adoptive father)
Wolfram von Bielefelt (adoptive father)
First Appearance
Novel Debut Ashita MA
Anime Debut Episode 21
Japanese Voice Kumai Motoko
English Voice Rebecca Forstadt

Greta (グレタ Gureta) is the adopted human daughter of Shibuya Yuuri and Wolfram von Bielefelt. Greta met and befriended Gegenhuber Grisela while he was imprisoned in her adoptive parent's castle and later helped him to escape.

Background Edit

Greta was originally a Princess of the fallen kingdom of Zorashia. Before the kingdom fell, her mother Izura sent Greta to her homeland, Svelera, as a hostage. However, Greta's life with her new adopted parents, the King and Queen of Svelera (her mother's brother and his wife) was bad and they didn't want to take care of her.

Plot Edit

Greta plotted to kill the Maou with the help of Gegenhuber Grisela by posing as the Maou's illegitimate daughter. This was due to the fact that her uncaring foster parents hated the Maou and she believed she could earn their love by assassinating him. Not long after that, Yuuri forgives and adopts her. Wolfram follows suit, reasoning that as Yuuri's fiancé he is also Greta's father.

She is currently studying abroad with Hyscliff.[1]

Differences in the animeEdit

In the anime she does not go to study with Hyscliff but stays with Yuuri and Wolfram in the castle. Also, Zorashia seems to still exist and in one episode, a man from Zorashia comes to take Greta back to the country because it's in need of a ruler. He ends up leaving her in Shin Makoku because she is happy there.


References Edit

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