Kyou Kara Maou!

Günter von Christ (フォンクライスト卿ギュンター) is one of the Ten Aristocrats and Yuuri's teacher and adviser.


Günter is a skilled swordsman and majutsu user. He can use all of the elements. He is a very whimsical person and poetic in his thoughts. He is Anissina's number 2 test subject. He has an extremely strong attachment to Yuuri and tends to pine for Yuuri when has been gone from Shin Makoku for any amount of time. 20 years ago he was an instructor at a military academy.

When Günter was shot with a poisoned arrow containing the Wincott poison, his soul was temporarily housed in an Okiku Doll that flies, shoots lasers from its eyes and has hair that grows naturally. During this time he referred to his body as Snow Günter and it could be controlled by or released from the effects of the Wincott Poison by anyone of the direct line of the von Wincotts like Julia's father and nephew.


When the greatest treasure of Shin Makoku goes missing, he and Yuuri search for it. In the midst of looking, Günter knocks down a crown, which falls atop his head. Anissina and Gwendal attempt to remove it using one of her inventions, but it actually comes off after Gwendal accidentally kisses it.[2]

Stuffel and his men kidnap Yuuri, and Gwendal prepares for a civil war. However, Yuuri breaks free and the Maou emerges to knock Stuffel's forces back. Günter attempts to arrest the men, only for them to tie him up. However, with a single sweep of his sword, he knocks them unconscious, and proceeds to arrest Stuffel.[3]

After days on end of studying, Yuuri decides he wants to see a real dragon. Günter agrees, but warns that the mission will be highly dangerous. Traveling through a booby-trapped forest, they find several human poachers and Yuuri is confronted by their swordsman, Alford. Günter and the others take on Velma, an esoteric stone user. However, once they break her staff, she is easily defeated.[4]

When Günter accidentally travels to Earth, he becomes a model in New York City for a brief period of time so that he can earn money to find Yuuri. He is very popular among females and males because of his good looks.


  • He was Conrad's teacher.
  • He wasn't a military officer he was just a civilian employed by the military.
  • He's never been married or divorced.
  • He is tone deaf.
  • When people aren't watching him he is an unexpectedly lazy person.
  • When he drinks he gets naked and dances around.
  • He has written a book under a pen name (which seems to be W.C. Nicola) and has sold a few volumes of his 2 part diary.



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