Kyou Kara Maou!

The Four Boxes are four forbidden boxes which should never be opened. 4000 years ago, Daikenja took two of the boxes to Earth from the other world.


The key to each box was entrusted to a member of the families who helped fight and seal Soshu. Those being Belal, Bielefelt, Voltaire, and Wincott.[1] The key is embedded in their soul and whoever is born with that soul has the key as part of their body [2]


End of Wind

End of Wind (風の終わり, Kaze no Owari).[3][4] It is said it will bring betrayal, death, and despair to the world.[5] The key is Conrad's left arm (formerly Robert Belal's arm).[6]

End of the Land

End of the Land (地の果て, Chi no Hate). A small wooden box about the size of a coffin. On each side, there is a rusted iron border, and it is deteriorated from moisture so much that you can't see the engravings on it anymore. [7] The earth elemental Soushu is sealed inside.[8] Someone tried to open the box with Gegenhuber Grisela, and because his DNA is similar to Gwendal's, it left his left eye burned.

The key is Gwendal's left eye.[9]

Mirror's Depth

Mirror's Depth (鏡の水底, Kagami no Minasoko). One of the boxes that was taken to Earth by the Daikenja. It was found by Hazel in West Asia.[10] It will control the seas, rivers, lakes and sky in order to destroy all life by creating storms, tsunamis, raging rapids and torrential rain.[11]

A group of devout Christians were afraid of the boxes nature and called it Noah's box.[12] It's about half the size of a coffin (like a child's coffin) and appears to be an ordinary wooden box[13] Due to the weight of the iron decorations on it, it sinks in water.[14] The surface is blackened from carbonation and the metal edges have rust on them[15]

It has a beast on it that looks like a lion from the Ishtar Gate. The grammatical structure of the words finely carved into the borders resembles Greek. It isn't the same, but it appears to be closely related.[16] The exterior locks metal has broken so it opens normally and inside there seems to be a weird atmosphere.[17]

April, Richard, and Henri sunk it at the bottom of Lake Constance[18] but Henri did not trust it to be left alone there, and so he went back and got it by himself later to secretly hide it somewhere else, but the ship he was on was sunk by friendly fire, and so it is now somewhere at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.[19]

The key is Yuuri's blood.[20]

Inferno on the Tundra

Inferno on the Tundra (凍土の劫火, Toudo no Gouka).[21] One of the boxes that was taken to Earth by the Daikenja. It was thought that it might have been burned to ash in Boston in 1936 but because of the reaction to the fire it transported itself and Hazel Graves to the other world. While Yuuri was stuck in the other world, Murata used a small piece of the box that was left behind on Earth to transport himself to the other world.

The key is Wolfram's heart.[22]


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