Soukoku no Daikenja
Character Details
Occupation Great Sage
Nationality Shin Makoku
Race Mazoku
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Shinou (half-brother)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 68
Japanese Voice Nozomu Sasaki

The Daikenja (双黒の大賢者), also know as Double Black Daikenja, was the adviser of King Shinou. He lived 4000 years ago during Shinou's time. His actual name is unknown.

Background Edit

Shinou's father liked to play around with many women so he had many illegitimate children. The Daikenja is probably a child from one of his affairs,[1] making Shinou and him half-brothers.

4000 years ago, he went to Earth with Inferno on the Tundra and Mirror's Depth.[2] Since then he's been reincarnated many times and he has retained many of his memories from his past lives. His soul is currently Murata Ken.

Differences in animeEdit

In the anime, it seems he did not immediately go to Earth and had another reincarnation in the other world by the name of Jeneus.


  • In Chapter 77, Murata Ken said that the Daikenja and Shinou weren't exactly "best friends". This could be a hint of the fact that they probably were half-brothers, or in any case, lovers.[3]



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