Chapter 7

Adalbert Sairai!!
Kanji アーダルベルト再来!!
English Return of Adalbert!!
Novel Chapter Kyou MA
Anime Episode 3
Page Count 24
Release Date November 24, 2005
Asuka Volume January 2006
Manga Volume Volume 2
Previous Chapter Chapter 6
Next Chapter Chapter 8


Yuuri and Wolfram ride towards the town and see that it is on fire. Adalbert comes up and stops them. He uses Houjutsu to put all of the mazoku to sleep but because Wolfram is really strong it only stuns him. Adalbert tries to convince Yuuri to go with him and not trust the mazoku but Wolfram overcomes the spell and yells that he should trust Adalbert because he is a mazoku who betrayed them.

Wolfram tells Yuuri to just go with Adalbert since it doesn't seem like he will hurt him and so Yuuri gets off the horse and then smacks it so Wolfram and his troupes ride off. Adalbert realizes that he has already joined the Mazoku and so he tries to kill him but a kotsuhizoku flies down to protect him. Conrad and Wolfram then ride up to save him.

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