Kyou Kara Maou!
Maou Kourin!!
Kanji 魔王降臨!!
English Advent of the Maou!!
Novel Chapter Kyou MA
Anime Episode 2, Episode 3
Page Count 22
Release Date September 24, 2005
Asuka Volume November 2005
Manga Volume Volume 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 5
Next Chapter Chapter 7

Cover of November Asuka


Yuuri is upset that an innocent bystander was hurt and so he goes into Ue-sama mode. He conjures two water snakes and wraps them around wolfram. He has them squeeze him in attempt to kill him but someone shouts out that the girl is fine and so he lets the snakes disappear and then passes out. With this act he has convinced everyone that he is the true maou.

Three days later Yuuri wakes up with Günter watching over him. Wolfram comes in and chases him away. Wolfram tells Yuuri that Conrad and Gwendal have gone off to settle a skirmish in a small border town of humans and Yuuri realizes it's the same town he was in before and insists on going to help. Wolfram agrees to take him out there.