Kyou Kara Maou!
Bishounen vs Yakyuu shounen
Kanji 美少年vs野球少年
English Pretty Boy vs Baseball Boy
Novel Chapter Kyou MA
Anime Episode 2
Page Count 36
Release Date August 24, 2005
Asuka Volume October 2005
Manga Volume Volume 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 4
Next Chapter Chapter 6


After Yuuri slaps Wolfram everyone is shocked and asks him to take it back. Yuuri absolutely refuses and so they tell him they are now engaged. Yuuri doesn't understand and Wolfram is furious. He throws his silverware to the ground and Yuuri picks up the knife. They then explain that Wolfram challenged him to a duel by throwing the knife and by picking it up he accepted the duel.

Gwendal is surprised Wolfram would go so far and Celi explains that it is because Yuuri smells like her bikouran, a potion she made that makes emotions stronger (it's supposed to be used as a sort of love potion) that made Wolfram react that way.

That night Conrad helps Yuuri learn to use a sword and then plays catch with him. He asks why Yuuri quit baseball and Yuuri says it's because he reacted like before and punched the coach. Conrad says that is why he quit the team but why did he quit baseball and Yuuri says he doesn't really know and so Conrad says that he hasn't actually quit then.

Yuuri tells Conrad about the time he caught a ball thrown by a professional player and a professional catcher encouraged him to not be scared. Conrad asks if he is a fan of that team now and Yuuri says of course. Yuuri then asks Conrad what his favorite team is and he says the boston red socks. Yuuri is surprised and wonders how he knows them and Conrad explains that he's been to Earth and saw them and that he's the one who his mother met and decided on Yuuri's name.

The next day while at the duel Yuuri draws a circle on the ground and tells Wolfram they are going to fight sumo. They fight and Yuuri wins but Wolfram doesn't accept it. He says if Yuuri is going to be their king he should fight the way they fight. Yuuri asks Conrad if he wins would Wolfram accept him and Conrad says that Wolfram would do anything for the good of Mazoku. Conrad then hands Yuuri a blue maseki pendant and tells him it's a good luck charm.

Yuuri gets a sword to fight Wolfram with that but Wolfram starts using magic. He misses the first time so he makes a wolf out of fire. He misses Yuuri with it but it goes straight towards a maid that had been walking by. Yuuri is upset by an innocent bystander being hurt.