Kyou Kara Maou!
Maou no Kikan
Kanji 魔王の帰還
English Return of the Maou
Novel Chapter Konya MA
Page Count 27
Release Date April 24, 2008
Asuka Volume June 2008
Manga Volume Volume 6
Previous Chapter Chapter 33
Next Chapter Chapter 35

Yuuri and company realize they're going to be pursued. While Conrad demands Yuuri go back to the sled, Yuuri insists as many women as possible be saved. Before the argument can continue further, Yuuri notices a sandbear that no one else is able to see. Desperate for something to intervene with them and their pursuers, Yuuri grabs the mateki and begins to play a song from his elementary school days. In the distance, Ryan emerges with the sandbear while thunder begins to crack and rain begins to pour down. 

Back at the castle, Günter is surprised Ryan tamed the sandbear in 5 days. The sandbear was comfortable around humans as well. Gegenhuber wasn't found, but Nicola was welcomed into his household as his wife and also declared she was going to name the baby after Yuuri. Yuuri was rather concerned about Günter's clothing - an exact copy of his non-uniform clothes. Yuuri wonders if he copied them down to the exact size as well, since it seemed a bit tight. Günter is amazed Yuuri could play the flute and Conrad gives Yuuri a stuffed Lioness from Gwendal (which Yuuri thinks is a cute white pig). 

Yuuri drags Wolfram into the bath, which Wolfram finds to be a bold invitation. Yuuri jumps in with all his clothes on, thinking that since his quest is over, he would return to Earth. Wolfram is a bit confused as to what he's doing but when Yuuri explains, he argues that Yuuri already is home and doesn't have to go anywhere. They argue and Yuuri realizes that he didn't really think about what his choice to stay as Maou would mean in the long run. 

Cover of June Asuka