Kyou Kara Maou!
Kanji 選択
English Decision
Novel Chapter Konya MA
Page Count 27
Release Date December 24, 2007
Asuka Volume February 2008
Manga Volume Volume 6
Previous Chapter Chapter 29
Next Chapter Chapter 31

Cover of February Asuka

Yuuri and Gwendal talk a little about bunnies before they reach their destination. They're taken to court that is full of houseki, which makes Gwendal feel unwell. Yuuri pleads to the judge that he and Gwendal are mismatched and that they shouldn't have eloped and that it was a mistake while thinking about how considerate Gwendal had been. The judge throws a dagger at them for one of them to stab the other to sever their ties. Gwendal picks up the dagger and hands it to Yuuri. Yuuri refuses and Gwen also says that he could never stab Yuuri. Yuuri gets upset about how they're telling people who to hate, who should break up.  They decide to leave together, despite the chains. The guards are sent to stop them and the judge knocks Yuuri out.

Wolfram and Conrad are walking through town that is full of houseki as well.  Wolfram is feeling unwell because of it and Conrad doesn't notice. Wolfram mentions the only ones that could possibly utilize their maryoku would be Celi or Julia. They run into Nicola, which Conrad initially mistakes for Yuuri. Nicola then realizes that this is the younger brother of the fiance that stole Yuuri. Wolfram gets riled up, Conrad says it's a misunderstanding, but Nicola then continues to explain that Gwendal and Yuuri were on the run in handcuffs. Wolfram is not pleased.