Kyou Kara Maou!
Ketsumei Jou Touchaku!?
Kanji 血盟城、到着!?
English Arrival at Blood Pledge Castle!?
Novel Chapter Kyou MA
Anime Episode 1
Page Count 24
Release Date June 24, 2005
Asuka Volume August 2005
Manga Volume Volume 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 2
Next Chapter Chapter 4

Cover of August Asuka


Yuuri, Conrad, and Günter continue on their journey to the capital. They stop for a break on the way and a young girl comes up with a glass of water. Conrad Tests the water to see if it is poisoned and then tells Yuuri he can drink it. Günter is upset that he let Yuuri drink something that he did not give him himself.

They continue to the capital and Yuuri get's on his own horse, that he names Ao. A fly gets close to Ao's ear and spooks her so she dashes all the way up to the castle and Yuuri falls off at the feet of Gwendal and Wolfram. They seem unimpressed with the new Maou and criticize him. Yuuri learns that Gwendal, Conrad, and Wolfram are brothers.