Kyou Kara Maou!
Kore ga... Mateki?
Kanji これが…魔笛?
English So this is the demon flute?
Novel Chapter Konya MA
Anime Episode 13
Page Count 24
Release Date November 24, 2007
Asuka Volume January 2008
Manga Volume Volume 5
Previous Chapter Chapter 28
Next Chapter Chapter 30

While Nicola and Hube were running from the village, Nicola couldn't stand the sight of thirsty children and so she tried to use the flute to bring rain. It did not work, but someone saw her and accused her of being the Maou. They ran from the inn without paying, which made them wanted criminals with the penalty of being executed. Yuuri tells her that she's his doppelganger and that Gwendal is Hube's cousin. She hasn't seen Hube in weeks, although he should have been released, but she has the flute hidden within her dress, which she gives it to Gwendal, who then gives it to Yuuri.

Günter is being outfitted in another strange device while thinking aloud about Gegenhuber and the mateki.  Anissina states her dislike for him and his outdated ideas and somehow it hurt Julia's heart. She's also quite surprised that Hube actually found the mateki and that it was on Gwendal's order that he was to search for it. Günter asks what she's putting on him and learns it's a device to call rain. Anissina doesn't want to rely on some flute to call rain and says that their powers should be enough. If they can bring rain, then neighboring villages will respect them more.

Yuuri tries playing the flute but hears cries from outside. Jilta is getting beat up by kids that are bigger, but younger because he grows slowly. Gwendal punches one of the kids for talking back and they notice the chains and say that the old man makes money by selling out criminals, even his own daughter. Some soldiers arrive asking if they're the duo that kidnapped a bride, but to let Nicola get away, they deny that and that they're just charged with eloping. They give their names as Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum.

While under guard, Gwendal calls Yuuri strange and says that he doesn't need to stick his nose into everything. He should leave things to his retainers and indulge in luxuries. Yuuri doesn't have anything in particular he's into except for baseball, which one doesn't need to be Maou to participate in. He says he just wants to do things in his own way and if he makes a bad decisions, Gwendal would stop him. Gwendal agrees and actually smiles, which Yuuri takes note of.