Kyou Kara Maou!
Kanji ゲーゲンヒューバー
English Gegenhuber
Novel Chapter Konya MA
Page Count 24
Release Date October 24, 2007
Asuka Volume December 2007
Manga Volume Volume 5
Previous Chapter Chapter 27
Next Chapter Chapter 29

The chapter begins where the last left off, but this time we see Gwendal declaring how he is going to kill him.

Conrad's men suggest that he need not go on a scouting mission, but Conrad claims his common looks are to their advantage and Wolfram offers Conrad an out from the entire mission since if they were to find the flute, he would have to face Gegenhuber. And that if there was no Conrad, Yuuri would depend on Wolfram more.

While scouting, Conrad learns that they got themselves into a large misunderstanding with handcuffs and elopement. He dreads explaining it all to Wolfram.

Yuuri says he wants some water, and Gwendal gives the boy some money to buy some drinks. We learn that the half mazoku child is ten, though he looks much younger. Svelera has no more water and there has been little rainfall in two years. Neighboring countries are still enemies since it just earned it's independence. Nicola says that Hube was looking for something that would end the drought and Gwendal is more convinced he is going to kill Hube for wanting to use the flute in human lands. Yuuri says that Gwendal won't kill him because he likes cute things and then she makes sure that Gwendal also won't kill her baby.  Nicola is pregnant, with Hube's child.

Gwendal keeps getting more irritated as Nicola explains how they met and got close. Also, how her village was a mine that only women worked to dig Houseki.  Part of the flute was in those ruins and they got closer as they secretly looked for it together. There were no more stones in the ruins, so he asked Nicola to return to Shin Makoku with her since marriage between the races is a crime in Svelera. Though, Hube talked about Celi being the queen, so he hadn't known that Yuuri was now the king.