Kyou Kara Maou!
Hanayome Goudatsu
Kanji 花嫁強奪
English The Stolen Bride
Novel Chapter Konya MA
Anime Episode 13
Page Count 32
Release Date September 24, 2007
Asuka Volume November 2007
Manga Volume Volume 5
Previous Chapter Chapter 26
Next Chapter Chapter 28

Gwendal and Yuuri reach the capital of Svelera with their first aim of finding a church to remove the shackles. This town is also crawling with soldiers. They're drawing attention since it looks like they're holding their luggage together, but Yuuri decides that Gwendal's really a nice guy since he's carrying all the weight on the chain.

They find a church, but it's locked, so Gwendal kicks in the door. Inside was a wedding and as Yuuri gives some words of blessing, as encouraged by the priest, the bride realizes she's making a mistake and runs off with Yuuri and Gwendal, leading everyone now to think they've kidnapped a bride.

Conrad and Wolfram (and all the other soldiers) are safe from the sandbear, although Wolfram's mouth is now full of sand and he can't seem to get rid of the gritty texture. Conrad is informed that Ryan had left saying he met his soulmate. Wolfram is highly worried that Yuuri's cheating on him with Gwendal, since he can't resist cute things and Yuuri is "loose in his ways."

Yuuri tries explaining Rock-Paper-Scissors to Gwendal and the bride to no avail, but they're approached by a man saying "leaky leaky."  Gwendal and Nicola also say it and Yuuri interprets it as them needing to use a bathroom. The man takes them back to his house where they learn that the man's grandson is half mazoku, "leaky leaky" means brothers, and the bride's name is Nicola. During proper introductions, Gwendal shows her the poster of the couple they were mistaken for and she says that it's her and Gegenhuber (Hube).