Kyou Kara Maou!
Kouya no Touhikou
Kanji 荒野の逃避行
English Flight into the Wild
Novel Chapter Konya MA
Anime Episode 12
Page Count 32
Release Date August 24, 2007
Asuka Volume October 2007
Manga Volume Volume 5
Previous Chapter Chapter 25
Next Chapter Chapter 27

A few kids playing with a nail get close to Yuuri, who asks if he wants to become a carpenter. The kid states that all boys become soldiers when they grow up. A woman then invites him to wait inside the church for his traveling companion. It was a trap and Yuuri gets locked inside. Gwendal also gets himself captured and they find out that the towns people believe that they're the couple on the posters - a wanted poster for elopers.  Yuuri's groped by the soldiers who say "she's" flat as a board and Gwendal protests that the sketch looks nothing like him. The soldiers think the Sea World stamp is proof of their elopement, as some places brand elopers. They have Gwendal cuff himself to Yuuri, who uses a self-defense move to hit one of their captors when he's grabbed from behind. Gwendal kicks another and they're able to escape from the building.

Yuuri and Gwendal are camping in the desert (where the moon is blue and the stars are white). As Yuuri's dozing off, he feels something around his midsection. It was Gwendal fiddling with something and Yuuri freaks out thinking Gwendal's after him for sexual reasons. He really was interested in the keychain that he had clipped to his belt. Yuuri removes it and gives it to Gwendal, who seems happy receiving it. Yuuri then asks a lot of questions at once, which Gwendal explains. First, the sandbear was probably planted as a trap to keep people from smuggling Houseki from Svelera to use Houjutsu. They can't break the cuffs because there is houseki embedded within them. Gwendal also indicated that he expects Conrad and Wolfram to be fine and that they would move on to the capital to get the shackles removed. Gwendal encourages Yuuri closer to keep warm and they talk about animals.

Back at the castle, Günter is testing Anissina's invention, but her "stick but don't tangle" method uses too much magic, leaving Günter exhausted.