Kyou Kara Maou!
Akai Akuma
Kanji 赤い悪魔
English The Red Devil
Novel Chapter Konya MA
Anime Episode 12
Page Count 16
Release Date July 24, 2007
Asuka Volume September 2007
Manga Volume Volume 5
Previous Chapter Chapter 24
Next Chapter Chapter 26

Yuuri frets about everyone trying to save him and orders Conrad to save Wolfram. Conrad leaves Yuuri in Gwendal's care and goes to save Wolfram.

Günter takes it upon himself to launder Yuuri's shirt and Anissina enters, greeting him and Celi. She was looking for Gwendal but decides that Günter will make an adequate test subject for her newest invention, which is an automated washing machine of sorts.

Yuuri's a bit uncomfortable traveling with Gwendal, but Gwendal gives him what little is left of their water. Once they reach town, Yuuri notices that it's only women and soldiers. Gwendal inquires about an inn but the soldiers are being dodgy. He tells Yuuri to wait while he goes to find a place to rest and resupply. Yuuri notices a lot of posters with the same thing and wonders if it's an election.