Kyou Kara Maou!
Sabaku no Souguu
Kanji 砂漠の遭遇
English Encounter in the Desert
Novel Chapter Konya MA
Anime Episode 12
Page Count 27
Release Date June 24, 2007
Asuka Volume August 2007
Manga Volume Volume 5
Previous Chapter Chapter 23
Next Chapter Chapter 25

Cover of August Asuka

Wolfram explains that the Mateki makes the heavens thunder, the earth shake, and the seas surge and call forth tempests. He wants to hear Yuuri play the flute, but Yuuri is against it. Conrad worries that the flute might not be buried with the doppelganger and Yuuri gets upset - even more so when he finds that the crime was a dine and dash. He declares that he must save his imposter.

Yuuri sets out with Conrad and Wolfram to join Gwendal. Gwendal is opposed, but reluctantly lets them tag along.

Back at the castle, Günter laments about being left behind and is caught by Celi sniffing Yuuri's shirt - that smells a bit fishy from his travels through the dolphin pool and ocean.

The group make it to the border and through customs inspection. Yuuri complains about the heat but everyone else seems fine. Yuuri spots a panda, which turns out to be a sandbear and some of the men are being pulled into the sand, including Wolfram. Gwendal and Conrad save Yuuri, but Yuuri wants to help Wolfram. Conrad refuses to let Yuuri go and says that Wolfram is a trained soldier and he should be able to survive a little thing like this.