Kyou Kara Maou!
Matamata Shin Makoku e...
Kanji またまた新魔国へ・・・
English To Shin Makoku once again...
Novel Chapter Konya MA
Anime Episode 12
Page Count 32
Release Date May 24, 2007
Asuka Volume July 2007
Manga Volume Volume 4
Previous Chapter Chapter 22
Next Chapter Chapter 24

Yuuri's back on Earth, having breakfast with his family. He's up unusually early, but it's because he's meeting Murata at Sea World. Shouri and Shouma initially think it's a date before Yuuri mentions Murata and gets rather agitated. Yuuri leaves before Shouma can finish saying that if there's anything he needs to talk about, he's there - even if it's about the other world.

Murata and Yuuri are in Sea World in the height of summer. Yuuri was invited because Murata was rejected by a girl, but it was only fair since Yuuri drags Murata to practices and games for his grass-lot baseball team. Yuuri comments that tomorrow is his birthday and he'll be 16 and never had a girlfriend. Murata jokes a bit and offers to buy him a phone charm, but Yuuri's phone is broken and has no one to message anyway, since he's unpopular.

At the dolphin show, Yuuri wins a dolphin keychain and a chance to shake hands with the dolphin, which he protests to. Yuuri's always been afraid of dolphins since he can't tell what they're thinking. Bandou-kun (the dolphin) jumps out of the water, startling Yuuri, who falls into the pool.

Once Yuuri surfaces, he sees a shark's fin and desperately swims away. Günter and Conrad arrive on a boat, where Günter chides the shark (with an oar) for approaching Yuuri. Though, in Shin Makoku, sharks are vegetarians. They return to land where Yuuri has a chance to change. Günter, wanting to be helpful, has a giant duck strangled so that his flapping wings act as a breeze. Günter finds Yuuri's protests charitable and goes into another brief tirade before Wolfram bursts in wondering why Gwendal was the only one to go greet Yuuri.  He's stunned to find the actual Yuuri standing in front of him.

Conard and Günter explain that someone used Yuuri's name to commit a crime and Gwendal went to investigate since this criminal had something only the Maou could use. They summoned Yuuri to be sure that criminal was an imposter. The item that the criminal had was the Mateki, and only the Maou can play it.