Kyou Kara Maou!
Oresamatte Nanisama!?
Kanji おれ様って何様!?
English I'm what!?
Novel Chapter Kyou MA
Anime Episode 1
Page Count 34
Release Date May 24, 2005
Asuka Volume July 2005
Manga Volume Volume 1
Previous Chapter Chapter 1
Next Chapter Chapter 3

Chapter 2 of the manga series was released on May 24, 2005 in the July 2005 Asuka magazine.


Günter explains to Yuuri that he is the 27th Maou.


Yuuri is taken to a small human refugee village and is introduced to Günter. It is explained that the reason Yuuri can understand people talking in Shin Makoku is because Adalbert unlocked the language memory from his past life. Yuuri's soul was originally from the other world and was chosen to be the next Maou but because of a war that was going on Shinou decided it would be best to send his soul to Earth to be born. Yuuri still is in disbelief but decides to play along in order to go home so he asks who he has to defeat and Günter tells him he has to defeat all humans who oppose them. Yuuri is shocked and argues that he is a human but Günter insists that Yuuri is a mazoku and the 27th Maou.

Some children from the village come and ask Conrad to play with them. Yuuri is still in shock and wanders out to talk with Conrad and is surprised to find that they are playing baseball. Conrad calls Yuuri "Heika" and the children are shocked and run away from him.


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