Kyou Kara Maou!
Himatsuri Finale!?
Kanji 火祭りフィナーレ!?
English Fire Festival Finale!?
Novel Chapter Kondo MA
Anime Episode 6
Page Count 30
Release Date January 24, 2007
Asuka Volume March 2007
Manga Volume Volume 4
Previous Chapter Chapter 18
Next Chapter Chapter 20

In an attempt to apologize to Gwendal for inconveniencing him, Günter goes to Gwendal's room with a basket of strawberries to apologize. Not having actually been to his room before, he imagines Gwendal with a small harem before dismissing those thoughts and entering. Instead he finds him knitting. Knitting isn't his hobby, but a form of meditation. He gives Günter a stuffed animal, but Günter mistakenly calls it a pig when it's a bear.

Back in the rented house, Wolfram, Yuuri, and Josak discuss the flyer. It's looking for young men in their teens and to bring a sword. The finer details aren't quite legible to Wolfram, but Josak encourages Yuuri to go on the interview. Yuuri's skeptical about his looks, but the others assure him that they're not a problem at all.

Yuuri goes on the interview and is accepted. We also learn that anyone that touches Morgif that isn't Yuuri is shocked. Yuuri goes into some sort of waiting room where he learns that this job isn't being a witness to anything, but a gladiator style battle. The people in the room are to be fighting criminals.

Yuuri heads out for the battle, warned by a woman to just bide his time and he would not have to get blood on his hands. Others find Morgif rather gross looking and Yuuri's opponent is revealed as a kid who poisoned the lookouts so that pirates could attack a luxury liner. The chapter ends with that kid being exposed as Rick.