Kyou Kara Maou!
Kondo wa Saishuu Heiki!?
Kanji 今度は最終兵器!?
English This time it's the ultimate weapon!?
Novel Chapter Kondo MA
Anime Episode 4 Episode 5
Page Count 22
Release Date March 24, 2006
Asuka Volume May 2006
Manga Volume Volume 2
Previous Chapter Chapter 10
Next Chapter Chapter 12

Günter explains the legendary weapon, Morgif, to Yuuri and that it had been found. Retrieving the sword would be a deterrent to hostile neighbors and Wolfram suggests that it would boost Yuuri's reputation as the king. Yuuri mistakenly calls it a "Holy Sword," where he's simultaneously corrected that it's a "Demon Sword."

The sword is located on Van da Via island, but in order to reach it, they must travel to Hildyard and depart from the southern port of Schildkraut. Yuuri and Conrad are the only travelers to the human lands, but Yuuri dyes his hair and wears contacts to conceal his black hair and eyes (much to Günter's dismay). Once aboard, they find Wolfram waiting in their cabin.

Back at Gwendal's castle, Günter discovers that Wolfram is missing and likely gone with Yuuri. In discussing Wolfram, he earns his nickname "wagamama-pu."

Wolfram almost immediately gets sea sick and while Conrad and Yuuri leave him to rest, they encounter Hyscliff, which stuns Yuuri with his bald head and unusual greeting. They introduce themselves using pseudonyms and Hyscliff introduces his daughter, Beatrice.

All conversation is halted at the sound of someone yelling.