Kyou Kara Maou!

Berard the 2nd is the Prince Regent of Big Shimaron and uncle of the King Berard the 4th.


Berard the 2nd is the previous King's younger brother. After his death, he was by succeeded by his son, Berard the 4th, with Berard the 2nd acting as Prince Regent. Despite being the King, in reality his nephew doesn't have any power and he's the one who rules over the country.[1]

In Chapter 114, after the battle with the dead, he's dismissed from his role as Regent by his nephew, who takes full control of Big Shimaron.[2]


In the anime, Berard the 2nd is the King of Big Shimaron instead of his nephew during the first two seasons. He makes an unfortunate attempt to interfere in the matter of the Four Boxes, after which it is succeeded by his nephew, Lanzhil, a character original to the anime.