A Bearbee.

Bearbees (クマハチ) are an animal species in Shin Makoku. They are born from eggs into caterpillars and then go through a cocoon phase before becoming full grown bearbees. They are in danger of extinction because his reproduction it's very difficult.


Bearbees have a bee's body as an abdomen and bee antennae. However, their heads seem to be that of a bear as well as their arms and legs. Their cry is the nonsensical, "Nogisu". Apparently, Wolfram's paint was extracted from the excrement of these creatures. However, once they saved the Bearbees, he took it upon himself not to use them.


A group of Bearbees laid their eggs in the empty guest wing at Blood Pledge Castle. Yuuri and Wolfram went to investigate the "monsters" that were in the wing, not knowing they were bearbees. They ended up getting stuck down with the caterpillars before they changed into the cocoon form. When the bearbees emerged from their cocoons they thought that Yuuri and Wolfram were their parents.

There is a high quality paint made from bearbee droppings.


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