Kyou Kara Maou!

Alazon (アラゾン) is the former Empress of Seisakoku and mother of the twins Saralegui and Yelshi. Her lover was Gilbert, the former King of Small Shimaron.


Alazon was the one who helped the dying Gilbert when he was washed-up on the shores of Seisakoku. They fell in love and had two baby boys, the twins Saralegui and Yelshi.

When her sons were born, however, Saralegui was stillborn and so she tried to use the forbidden box Inferno on the Tundra and prayed to give her life to bring him back to life. It's unknown whether her use of the box actually had any effect, but Saralegui came back to life and a few years later she lost use of her legs and a few years after that lost use of her hands, until in the end she became a mummy.

When Saralegui was four years-old, Alazon sent him to live with his father. Saralegui always believed that when his mother found out he had no Houryoku, she abandoned him and sent him to live with his father in Small Shimaron. In reality, she sent him away because she thought that if he stayed in Seisakoku, the shadow of death that loomed over him would grow and take away his life.

Differences in the anime

In the anime, Alazon is still alive and she uses the crystal containing the memory of Jeneus to clone him to help her search for the Holy Sword, and since he needed her Houryoku in order to survive, he followed her.


  • In the anime, Berius is her younger brother.